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IT Setup on Wellio
Single Sign On (SSO) for Microsoft/Azure Schools
Single Sign On (SSO) for Microsoft/Azure Schools

Learn how to configure Microsoft/Azure for use with Wellio's Single Sign On system.

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Initial Setup

  1. Visit the Azure portal

  2. Click Azure Active Directory under Azure Services (you may need to click on More Services to see the option)

  3. Click Enterprise Applications

  4. Click on New Application

  5. Click on Create your own application

  6. Use Wellio as the application name and select the Non-gallery radio button option

  7. Click on Single sign-on and select SAML

  8. Click the Icon next to the App Federation MetaData Url and send this link, along with the details for a test account to [email protected]

  9. We will use this information to set things up and will get back to you within a week for you start on the secondary steps below.

Secondary Steps

  1. Edit the first box Basic SAML Configuration

    1. Set the reply URL to the URL provided by us. Please not that we cannot send you this until you have provided your metadata from the initial setup.

  2. Set the Assignment required? to NO in the properties tab

  3. Edit the second box User Attributes and Claims. Set user.mail as the required identifier

  4. Set additional claims to match the following (you may need to delete the namespace)

Match existing users to their accounts

If your students have been using Wellio without Azure integration, we need to link their Wellio accounts to their unique identifier in Azure to confirm their identity. The user claims settings will be their email address, but we use test accounts to ensure everything is configured correctly. We'll match up as many accounts as possible and provide a list of those we couldn't match. Just send us the details for those students, and we'll update their accounts.

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