Troubleshooting Guide: Student Login

If you students are struggling to log in, this guide will help you resolve the issue.

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If your students are struggling to log in, there are two errors they could be seeing.

Please click the appropriate link below to be taken to troubleshooting instructions specific to the error your students are seeing.

If your students are struggling to sign up, please see our guide to signing up as a student.

"We could not find an account with that email"

If your students see this error, we don't have an account associated with the exact email address they typed.

This could be because they have never signed up, but if the student has accessed Wellio before, they're probably seeing the error because the student signed up with a slight typo in their email. For example, they may have signed up with [email protected] and are trying to log in with [email protected].

To overcome this issue, as a teacher, you need to check the exact email that the student sign up with and ask the student to sign in with that email.

To find the email they signed up with, you can visit the class that your student is in.

Next, click "add/remove students" to see all the students in your class.

You will see a list of students with the email they signed up with. Your students must enter this email address exactly to access their account. Please note that there may be very slight typos, so we suggest copying and pasting this email and sending it to the student so they can log in.

Once logged in, students can edit their email in their settings to ensure it's their correct school email.

Invalid email or password

If a student sees an error that says "invalid email or password", they have entered their password incorrectly. To overcome this issue, they will need to reset their password.

To do this, they must click the reset password link after entering their email on our login page.

Once they're on the reset password page, they must enter the email address they used to sign up in the box below.

They should receive an email from [email protected] with a reset password link. Once the student receives that email, they need to click the link and create a new password.

If they don't receive that link, complete the below steps:

  1. Check their spam folder. Sometimes they're a little hostile πŸ˜…. If the email is in spam, make sure to drag it across to the inbox and mark it as "not spam". Otherwise, the links may be disabled. This also trains your email to accept emails from Wellio in the future.

  2. Double-check the email address the student entered. Is that definitely the email they used to sign up for Wellio, and is it a valid school email address? If it's not, the student will need to sign up again.

  3. If that still isn't working. Contact our support team using the chat tool in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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