How to build a sequence

Learn how to create and curate your own custom lesson sequence

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Wellio allows schools to create custom lesson sequences to suit the needs of their student population, with in-built flexibility to adapt a sequence throughout the year.

Making use of our template library makes it easy to get started! You can view example templates here. Please email support@wellioeducation if you would like us to create your sequences using our default template.

In your admin account, you’ll be able to see all of the sequences already available for the school.

If you've used Wellio already, please setup NEW sequences for next academic year. This will ensure we retain a record of your program for the current year and all the associated data.

To create a sequence from scratch:

  1. From your home screen, select Sequences from the toolbar at the top of the screen

  2. Click Create a new sequence

  3. Name the sequence, and choose the year level(s) it relates to.

This will bring you to the Library, where you can start to populate your new sequence.

Handy tips:

To set up a new template sequence, please reach out to the Wellio support team

To add lessons to your new sequence:

  1. Use the Year Level and Category filters and the search to find the lesson to add to the sequence

  2. Click the + icon to add the lesson to the sequence

  3. Select Save

From here, you can repeat steps 2-3 to add any further lessons to the sequence before hitting Save.

To edit an existing sequence:

  1. From your home screen, select Sequences from the toolbar at the top of the screen

  2. Click into the sequence in question

  3. Click Edit on the right-hand side of the screen

  4. From here, you can either:

    1. add lessons by clicking Library

    2. hide and remove existing lessons by following the steps below; or

    3. rearrange the lessons by following the steps below

To hide or remove lessons from an existing sequence:

  1. Click the ︙ icon next to a lesson and choose either Remove from Sequence or Hide Lesson

  2. Select Save

Hiding lessons gives you the ability to streamline the sequence for classroom teachers and students while maintaining progress data for admin staff. Hiding a lesson removes it from the classroom teacher and student's view.

If a lesson has already been started by students, the only available option here will be to hide the lesson.

To rearrange lessons in a sequence:

  1. Drag and drop the lessons into your desired arrangement

  2. Select Save

Handy tips:

To set up a new sequence from a template, please reach out to the Wellio support team.

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